My name is Peter Stephens, and I’ve been at this blog for time out of mind.

By way of introduction, I’ve assembled thirteen posts that focus, one way or another, on slow reading. This collection of posts by six writers suggests a few of the social, creative, educational, oral, literary, spiritual, poetic, and sensual sides of slow reading. Here are links to them:

The art of reading, by Dave Bonta
Bedtime poetry, by me
Conversations with poems, by Satya Robyn
Cross-referencing, by me
East Coker on the rebind, by me
How to mark a book, by me
How to read slowly, by Robert J. Ray
The leisure of bygone readings, by me
Our sardonic Lord, by me
Poetry & sacred reading, by me
Reading like writers, by me
Slow reader, by Teju Cole
Slow reading, by John Miedema

As for me, I was a trial lawyer and then a church worker. For the past decade, I’ve been a Virginia high school English teacher.


  1. no comment really, just signing up to be notified of new posts by email

    i’m writing this slowly because i don’t read too fast

    the mustard is still talking to me


  2. Peter, I am trying to find your current mailing address. I so want to send you my new book, SEVENTY AT SEVENTY. Please contact me via my email address. Thanks. Tom

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