The art of breakfast

In heaven you may see the harried, grouchy people you already see every day, but transformed as if they had moved to Maine, where they smile, slow down, and start doing what they wanted to do all along.  Most Mainers we met weren’t Mainers in their first life.  Our bed and breakfast’s proprietors, for instance, are from the D.C. area, like us.

Dana Moos came to run Portland’s Pomegranate Inn because she likes to make extravagant breakfasts, something few people have time for in D.C.  She also loved her earlier trips to Maine, and she likes to entertain.  Running a bed and breakfast seemed like a way to fulfill all three passions.

She seems compelled to expand breakfast, but not by making it available all day like IHOP or by simply experimenting with different pancake, waffle, and French toast recipes like me.  I asked her what inspired her to come up with dishes like Pineapple Banana Cairns with Cinnamon Crème (above) and Cheese Blintz Souffle with Mango Puree, Blackberry Coulis, and Local Maine Blackberries (below) (both of which we and the honeymooning couple at the table next to us photographed before eating today), and she said that she finds her inspiration from great dinners.  “I eat a terrific meal out, and I ask myself, ‘How can I make that for breakfast?’” Now I know how dinners can get to heaven.

Passions, if you follow them, lead to complementary passions.  Dana’s cooking and entertaining led to teaching, writing, and taking great photographs, as witnessed by her book, published this year by Down East (also the publisher of the magazine by the same name that helped bring us Down East this week and helped Dana and her husband Greg quit their jobs and move from suburban Maryland a few years back).  I know Dana can teach because, despite how involved and delectable breakfast is around here, The Art of Breakfast: How To Bring B&B Entertaining Home has persuaded me over a couple hours’ reading this evening that I can make most of this stuff at home.  (Art’s another passion.  Befitting Portland, The Pomegranate Inn is filled with wonderful and whimsical contemporary art.  Dana’s next book could be A Breakfast of Art.)

Here’s our second morning’s main course – Egg Roulade filled with sautéed leeks, garlic scapes, and Parmesan with carrots, asparagus, and curry butter.