I’ll never memorize

I’ll never memorize Robert Lowell’s “Eye and Tooth.”  I’ve tried for several hours.  I think it’s because the poem is held together by sound.  My memory, however, wants a rhetorical progression.  But I could play cards with the poem. Closer to an empty nest, Victoria and I have taken again to rummy after fifteen years… Continue reading I’ll never memorize

What is SoloPoMo?

SoloPoMo is my way of celebrating National Poetry Month, which falls a month before SoloPoMo. (More on that — um — later.) During SoloPoMo, I write about a single poem (or write because of the poem or in spite of the poem or just to spite it or bait it) off and on all May.  I… Continue reading What is SoloPoMo?

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