Biking Assateague

Biking around Assateague Island, some friends and I saw a couple of Delmarva Fox Squirrels. They’re longer and more gray than the gray squirrels that overrun the rest of Virginia. Those gray squirrels are really kind of a brown you’d associate with the plumage of many bird species’ young. The Delmarva squirrels also don’t get all frenetic. It’s like they’re content to live their life on island time.


Speaking of adjusting for island life, the house in the picture below traded in its chimney for an osprey nest.


I think I could get used to island life, too.


  1. Peter Vicki glad you got to go away for a nice vacation with sweet family.I know it must be hard to get back in a tough schedule again/short summer for everyone.Take care Love to all!

  2. Thanks, Aunt Betty! We had a grand time. I bought three bottles of hot sauce from the island’s famous hot sauce store, so I’m good for another year. My love to you and Uncle Ray.

  3. Greetings from the Eastern Shore. Yes, things seem to move at a different pace here. Pretty refreshing, even though I’m not on vacation. Hope your new school year gets off to a great start!

  4. When I was quite little I read the ‘Misty’ books about Chincoteague and Assateague. I’m sure everyone knows about them and that the islands are quite well-known places anyway where you are, but for me the mention of the name seems to conjure up somewhere so far away in time and space and fancy that it seems quite astonishing to find it exists and someone I know of might actually have been there!

    Looks a lovely place anyway, glad you had a good time.

    1. Lucy! I get the same feeling, often, reading your blog. How funny that my prosaic neck of the woods could seem like something enchanted to anyone else. I suppose that’s a joy of blogging.

      They are a lovely pair of islands. I hope you can visit them sometime. And thank you for stopping by here.

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