This is homecoming

Seon Joon’s lovely homecoming by “chains of small actions”:

I left my bag unpacked, just for now; I placed a small polished stick given as a gift on the bookshelf and hung my rosary on its hook next to my keys; I filled up the water pitcher and made dinner from scraps—this is homecoming—homecoming achieved by serial processes, chains of small actions that began before the first departure and don’t end until the next preparation begins, so that leaving and arriving overlap, folding distance and time into each other.

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By Peter

After stints as a trial lawyer and a church worker, Peter Stephens has settled in as a Virginia high school English teacher. Peter has read several books and poems. He wrote none of the posts below filed under "Passages." Click the link at the end of each post to see it in the context of the author's original post.

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