Alexandria station

I took this while waiting for my mom to roll in. We walked to the Metro and saw the Van Gogh exhibit at the Phillips. At eighty-six, my mom’s steely as ever. When Metro’s machine spat her fully-paid fare card back at her, she simply climbed over the turnstile.

By Peter

After stints as a trial lawyer and a church worker, Peter Stephens has settled in as a Virginia high school English teacher. Peter has read several books and poems. He wrote none of the posts below filed under "Passages." Click the link at the end of each post to see it in the context of the author's original post.


  1. The scrimmed beyond: we wait, rapt and terrified, for the figure’s foot to sink into that black void. Despite the brain’s purported geotags on memory, I will endeavor to preserve my initial take on the photograph, by separately filing the great story.

    Jump the turnstile/Stiff Kharon/Kiss the three-headed dog.

    1. You are a close reader, Julie! I did add the story later. I’m going to share your excellent lines with my mom when I next see her.

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