Victoria’s small stack of daily devotionals

A Bible, a journal, and three short works.


By Peter

After stints as a trial lawyer and a church worker, Peter Stephens has settled in as a Virginia high school English teacher. Peter has read several books and poems. He wrote none of the posts below filed under "Passages." Click the link at the end of each post to see it in the context of the author's original post.


  1. I just looked up and placed upon my newly found Reading list widget (Pocket I think it is) the PDF form of On Bullshit. I then told you that I was not a teacher and wrote about wondering how you got that idea. I might have told you that I home online high-school my son…

    I have been thinking since you made the teaching comment to me. I want to say that I think that all humans are teachers. The best teachers remaining teachable.

    My next thought was to wink–which I did, and to laugh–I still am, and to state, “It’s all Bullshit!” I suggest leaving you in the other room whilst having a chat with your wife. I think she is and would be an interesting person to know. I hope that your family is doing well!

    1. Elisa, I’ve been a fitful blogger, and I confused you with another Elisa I followed years ago. She is a western Canadian photographer and teacher. And your site has the great phototography. Sorry about the mix-up! (Victoria doesn’t blog, maybe in part because of how much bullshit I put out here.)

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