Victoria’s small stack of daily devotionals

A Bible, a journal, and three short works.



  1. I just looked up and placed upon my newly found Reading list widget (Pocket I think it is) the PDF form of On Bullshit. I then told you that I was not a teacher and wrote about wondering how you got that idea. I might have told you that I home online high-school my son…

    I have been thinking since you made the teaching comment to me. I want to say that I think that all humans are teachers. The best teachers remaining teachable.

    My next thought was to wink–which I did, and to laugh–I still am, and to state, “It’s all Bullshit!” I suggest leaving you in the other room whilst having a chat with your wife. I think she is and would be an interesting person to know. I hope that your family is doing well!

    1. Elisa, I’ve been a fitful blogger, and I confused you with another Elisa I followed years ago. She is a western Canadian photographer and teacher. And your site has the great phototography. Sorry about the mix-up! (Victoria doesn’t blog, maybe in part because of how much bullshit I put out here.)

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