Family weekend

Bethany at work in Kenyon’s metal shop yesterday. She and two other sculpture majors share a studio the size of a small townhouse. It has a twenty-five-foot ceiling and its own bay door for installation art. Bethany, however, likes to make miniature pieces.

The new studio art building opened while she was in Japan.

By Peter

After stints as a trial lawyer and a church worker, Peter Stephens has settled in as a Virginia high school English teacher. Peter has read several books and poems. He wrote none of the posts below filed under "Passages." Click the link at the end of each post to see it in the context of the author's original post.


  1. It’s crazy! She spent the first two years making art in very cramped quarters. Then Kenyon opened an art history building and a studio art building in succession. Her dorm is right in the middle of her world, near the dining hall, the new studio, the classrooms, and the athletic center. Although a lot of her friends have graduated, she’s made new friends and found old ones she had two years ago before her year abroad. And it was so good being with her this weekend. Thanks for commenting, Al!

  2. I am so proud of her. I still remember showing the video of Kenyon on the P’Board. Still think it’s the best school in the world. Never can sell it to the Florida beach crowd though.

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