Is the universe friendly?

Work is easing out. I’m able to ride my bike after school on nice days, like yesterday. A big rainstorm hit, so I got off the trail at a campground and bivouacked under a large picnic shelter.

After the storm

“Is the universe friendly?” I must add Einstein’s question to my inquiry-based learning approach. To be a good Big Question, it can’t be silenced by a simple yes or no. If it can, it’s not your question. If you can answer it, but you start with, “It’s complicated,” that’s okay, I think. Then what you learn refines your answer or teaches you how to share it.


Michael asked us Einstein’s question last week. The blurt-outs were about half yes and half no. I wonder if anyone persuaded anyone else. I don’t think you can move from yes to no, or no to yes, without making it, or something like it, your Big Question for a spell.

The conversation reminded me of my “everything” verses from Romans and 1 Corinthians. The latter:

For everything belongs to you — Paul, Apollos, and Cephas, the world, life, and death, the present and the future, all are yours — and you belong to Christ, and Christ to God. (REB)

Death is mine! It’s another way of asking the same question.


By Peter

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