Job hunting? Facebook is bad; a blog is good.

Who asks her prospective employers to look at her Facebook page? A Forbes article today, though, reports that “56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool.” Charles Pooley’s quote there makes sense: a personal site gives you “creative freedom to express your personality in ways that are not be possible through your resume.” While the article goes on to suggest maintaining an attractive but bland site, it also suggests a professional blog. However, perhaps you’d like to work with the kind of people who might like the content of your personal blog.

Last week, as part of my triennial evaluation, I referred my employers to this blog. There are few better ways to learn about writer than through his writing. I understand the need to be discreet, sure. Outside of that, if my employers don’t want me to work for them because of my writing, then I figure it would be a mistake to work for them, anyway.


  1. Amen. Even in this nasty employment climate, working for people who don’t want you, at that level, is something to think twice about.

  2. Yes. (And after I’ve talked so big, I should admit that, in all likelihood, none of the people who will evaluate me this cycle will actually visit here.)

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