Pardon my dust

Trying some new things here. Although I can’t have a fluid-width theme in WordPress and still have all of the goodies I want, I’ve discovered the next-best thing — a wider layout. I’m working on getting the header image wider, too.

The upgrade, which has taken a lot of time to implement, makes me just knowledgable enough again with CSS to really screw things up. So far, I haven’t blown up anything too badly, except the new mobile look, which I just mangled this morning.


  1. Your Prose theme with the Genesis Framework looks so nice. I take it you purchased it. I am very tempted to do the same. Do you recommend it?

  2. John, thanks. I really like Genesis and their Prose child theme. I did purchase it. They have lots of themes, some free and most not, and none that would knock your socks off without some configuring, but configuring you can do. Prose is the easiest of Genesis’s child themes to use because a lot of the design settings are in the dashboard. The rest are CSS. The forum is very vibrant, friendly, and helpful, particularly for the Prose theme where you get a lot of relative newbies like me asking questions. And Genesis has excellent plugins. If you go to Plugins > Add New and search for “Genesis,” you’ll get a sense of them.

    You’d probably get a lot more out of Genesis than I. All these hooks and whatnot are beyond me. But I do recommend it. It seems to scale from relative newbies up to web designers.

    1. Hi Peter, I followed you here from the Genersis support forum to see how you made out with the sidebar issue. Your site looks fantastic in its full width… hmmm, something I might want to try too.
      Like you, I found the Prose to be extremely responsive to my css tinkering and aside from a couple of things which stumped me (one of which was reducing the width of the sidebar, I just KNOW the solution is right under my nose and I can’t see it), I highly recommend it! HIGHLY! For a novice and otherwise. Though the caveat is that I didn’t go through an update, not sure if all those cockamamie changes I made will come back and bite me in the you-know-where.
      Cheers and good luck with the rest of your dust-cleaning :)

      1. Megan, thanks for stopping by. Your site is very classy! I thought it was funny that we both had about the same question on the forum at the same time.

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