Easter tweets retrospective

Sam Heard, the author of one of my favorite Twitter feeds, very kindly put my Easter tweets into one blog post. You can read it here on his blog, praxymetry.

I published the original tweets over an eighty-hour stretch — one tweet an hour on the hour. Read in paragraphs now, the tweets show little deference to one another, each tweet too forceful to simply refine a previous sentence’s thought or to simply set up the next sentence’s idea. Some repeat a word or phrase as a means of refocusing the reader even though the word or phrase is now the subject of the previous sentence.

In other words, the tweets are not used to not competing in a marketplace of hundreds of such tweets, and they’re not ready to let their guard down.

But that’s the fun of reading the tweets in paragraph form, I think. How does reading tweets differ from reading paragraphs, all things (such as content) being equal?

I have been trying, though not online, to work my emerging political philosophy into some accessible whole, and this past weekend I tried Twitter. I’m not satisfied with how it turned out, but I enjoyed the process.

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