Easter tweets

James Madison
James Madison

Can a sermon tweet?

Probably not, but I presume to preach to American Christians every hour on the hour on Twitter (follow @slowreads) at the culmination of Holy Week.

My subject: self-government and human nature.

72 tweets beginning 12:00 EDT Good Friday morning.

Still time also to pre-disfollow!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this for so many reasons of form and content. It was interesting to read it after the fact (I didn’t know you were doing it until today) on your twitter stream. Breaking it into pieces was quite effective as I found myself rereading and pondering each line… a surprisingly deeper way to read it than if you had just posted it here in which case, I’d probably have read less closely as is typical for my when reading from a screen.

  2. James, thank you so much. I did like the effect of “dripping” an argument at the rate of 140 or fewer characters an hour. I liked how each sentence had to connect to the one before but also had to stand on its own. I’m not satisfied with the job I did, overall — it wasn’t cohesive enough, and it was probably too ambitious — but I think Twitter holds promise for this kind of an approach for just the reasons you say.

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