John field notes 3c: Sequitur

They said therefore unto him, What sign shewest thou then, that we may see, and believe thee? (John 6:30, KJV)

Signs blind. If you really want to see, Jesus suggests to Nicodemus, you have to lose everything, deny your birth, start over:

“Rabbi, we know that you’ve come from God a teacher since none could do these signs you do unless God is with you.”

“Jesus answered “Amen amen I tell you unless a person is born from above he can’t see the reign of God.” (Reynolds Price, Three Gospels)

Earlier in John, Jesus turns the Jews’ request for a sign into confusion, demonstrating what seeing (understanding, walking) by signs leads to.  Here with Nicodemus he implies that signs will (help) keep one from seeing the way Jesus sees.

[I’m reading John’s gospel. My reactions here vacillate between notes — a list of impressions — and something less sketchy. A note on nomenclature: the note number in my post’s title indicates the chapter of John’s material I’m reacting to. A title’s letter, though, differentiates the post from earlier posts about that chapter. “John field note 2c,” then, is my third post about something in John’s second chapter. N.B.: 12a may precede 3d: I skip around.]