John field notes 2b: The Gospel of Mary and John

My evidence:

  1. Mary (Jesus’ mother) and John (Jesus’ disciple and the gospel’s author) make only brief appearances in John’s gospel.
  2. When Mary and John do appear, they seem quite intimate with Jesus.  Mary knows Jesus is about to perform a miracle though he has never done so before and vehemently denies he will now.  John leans on Jesus’ breast at the last supper and hears Jesus say things that others there miss.
  3. Neither Mary nor John is named in John’s gospel.  Mary is only “Jesus’ mother.” John is only “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” John’s and Mary’s names are used only for others. The only John in John is John the Baptist.  John never even bothers to say “John the Baptist” or “John Baptist” to distinguish him from himself as the other gospels do.  In fact, the word “Baptist” isn’t found in John at all.  And the Marys in John are always Mary Magdala, Mary wife of Clopas, Mary of Mary and Martha, etc. Never Mother Mary.
  4. Hanging on the cross, Jesus puts Mary and John together: “Seeing his mother, with the disciple whom he loved standing beside her, Jesus said to her, ‘Mother, there is your son’;  and to the disciple, ‘There is your mother’; and from that moment the disciple took her into his home.” (John 19:26 – 27, REB)

Just saying.  She could have helped him write it.