Explain myself

I’ve been working around eighty hours a week since school started late August.  I’m working a new prep, as we say in high school teaching biz, and I like it.  But I’m working past midnight most nights, and I look forward to the weekends to have a chance to really plan and grade, unimpeded by classes and meetings.

So I don’t have enough time to write in the margins of my books (my favorite medium) or in my journal (my next-to-favorite).  I’d love to blog, too, but there’s no space in my crowded head even to miss it.

I’ve been blogging less than you realize, if that’s possible.  All of what I’ve posted here in September and October was written or photographed in July or August, with the exception of two written posts.


  1. I can’t imagine how I could have ever blogged regularly before I retired as an English teacher.

    In fact, my blog was an attempt to make up for all those years when I didn’t have time to do any of the things I really went into Literature for, like actually reading and thinking about classic works, not student papers.

  2. Been there. Don’t ever want to go back there. Luckily the Internet is full of all sorts of distractions so don’t worry about us, we’ll find something to keep ourselves out of trouble.

  3. I must still figure out where there is a beginning point on your blog. There are so many things posted that, for me, it is difficult to know where to begin and where to move next. Woohoo executive functioning issues. So, I solve this, by popping in and reading what grabs my attention and click and follow what interests me. I am not entirely happy with hearing the chide all along that I’m not reading in the ‘right’ manner which you claim to be so right. I tell that chiding part of me to (insert expletive here), and I do as I have always done. I absorb and I connect. I learn and I reflect. Thanks for sharing what you do and providing this space. I have yet to exhaust it :)

  4. Oh, do I hear you on this one or what?! I’ve been logging about 50 hours a week with teaching, planning, and marking (down from my typical 80) and have been spending quite literally every other waking moment with my little 15 month old gem. It’s not so much that I miss blogging, per se; rather, I desperately miss the time to write and contemplate and explore corners of my mind and world (rather than merely exploring the mysteries of teen girl drama in the washrooms at school, or excavating the corners of my couch for toddler-crunched Cheerios!). Well, to say I miss writing may not be entirely true, I suppose–I really only miss it when I have enough time to even stop and contemplate how much I miss it … a rare occurance! ;)

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