A8 & A9





Pages A8 and A9 from today’s Washington Post.  The headline on page A8: “Pipeline fire kills scores in Nairobi.”







  1. I showed these two pages to my AP Lang classes today, and we talked about newspaper choices. Many justified the Post’s decision to play the French story over the Kenyan one based on culture (we relate more to France; they helped us win independence) or based on subject matter — nuclear accidents, no matter how small, make big news after the Japanese earthquake. One student was knowledgable enough to say that “this happens frequently in Kenya.” I thought that fact would have gone against the Post’s decision to play down the Kenyan story, but the student thought it made the explosion less newsworthy.

    We talked about the media’s relative roles as our reflections (attempting to divine and to reflect what we already think) and as our educators (helping to mold our opinions and outlooks over time).

    I’m going to conclude the same mini-discussion in tomorrow’s class with the assignment to quickly draw the world, Saul Steinberg-style, according to the Washington Post.

    The New York Times, at least, had the Kenya disaster as the prominent story on today’s front page.

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