Landscape design

It storms and storms. Big, boiling clouds rise like heavy saucepans, bigger than saucepans should look, bigger than clouds should look. Rain comes in shocks. We’re in our second week of it.

Storms come at 7 A.M. soon as 7 P.M. They come at 65 degrees soon as 85. And there’s no reading the sky beyond three minutes. A storm clatters the sky’s pots soon as you turn your back. It could be all blue where you’re looking.

You cut grass when you can, and more than once a week.

Tornadoes tore down a beautiful line of trees that had graced my uncle’s place along the river downstate. Now it’s the river and the bare house.

Each week this month I’ve heard tales of tornado sightings in my county.

Warren sends the gods a sign: we are protected by the Fantastic Four.


  1. You’ve spun some great climate-change novel-titles:

    * Three-Minute Sky

    * That Sky No One Could Read

    * Yet Here Blue

    This unprecedented weather roils us, and feels like animus – particularly the Southern night tornadoes. Guts spasm, and science does not assuage. How tempting, then, to trick out human evil in beard and drape, and label it ‘God’s vengence’.

    The carom billiards of our wrongs are too complex, however, to be ascribed any longer to one God. And surely multiple deities would better satisfy our niche consumerism. So let’s beat the crowd, and revive the Western Civ pantheon. Dibs on Medusa.

  2. I love all bat-signals “FF Assemble” signals. I found Sue and Reed boring but the villains and the other 2/4 of the team were awesome.

  3. I must let on that I know more than I do. Except for the few who show up in the Odyssey, I can match few names of Greek (or Roman) gods with their stories. And I can’t tell you the names of any member of the Fantastic Four.

    Julie, I’m always hoping that the “God’s vengeance” model will eventually cause some of the more religious in our country to see global warning as reaping where we’ve societally.

    And bat-signals are cool! Evan, did anyone ever figure out what those mysterious circles you could see from airplanes were doing on those British farms years ago?

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