Other elbows

Other elbows or triangles or rummy cards (assonance and consonance shared in at least a trio of words or syllables) in Lowell’s “Eye and Tooth”:

saw things darkly

flinch / at the flash of the matchlight

a simmer of rot and renewal

in pinpricks

tooth / noosed in a knot to the doorknob

rot on the red roof

sharp-shinned hawk

hawk in the birdbook

No ease for the boy at the keyhole

when the women’s

bodies flashed / in the bathroom

And some of the elbows are eye candy only, contradicting the ear:

tooth / noosed in a knot in the doorknob  [the oo]

No ease from the eye  [the two e’s in both “ease” and  “eye”]

Couldn’t memorize it.  So I re-memorized a Charles Wright poem from last year for our recital.  You read Lowell silently with your lips moving, but you quote Wright at anything — a shower head, a flock of pigeons, a bad memory.  If you say Wright’s stuff in conversation, people might not realize you’re quoting a poem, but they’ll know you’re being arch, anyway.

I’m getting a head start on SoloPoMo, using some material I posted on an obscure WordPress.com blog while I mulled over how to redo my blog.   I’ve selected Robert Lowell’s “Eye and Tooth” for my own celebration of SoloPoMo.

By Peter

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