Star of wonder


Bethany makes all of my icons. She doesn’t mean to. She just loves art.

And I never meant to have icons. I have iconoclastic, evangelical roots, and brothers would use words like “projection” to discourage one another from using visual aids in meditation and prayer. But now I’m more open to images, memories, sounds – anything that prompts my soul’s return to God at any time.

There’s something in the connection between Bethany and me that can make some of her art iconic for me. This Perler beads piece does it for me. I love the stars and the water, and the single person on the boat. It’s peaceful, maybe lonely.

This mood allows me into the central part of the piece. The person is face to face with a star. Some of the sky between the star and the person looks like a person’s arms, reaching out to the person on the boat. (Dale at Mole has sketches in which the background finds its way to the foreground at some level, or vice versa, and I always enjoy them.)

The sense of God’s immanence depends on so much: age and experience, temperament and circumstances. It depends on God himself. God is silent now in ways I heard him before, and he is present now in ways I must have always overlooked. The star is a comfort.


Posted December 2005

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