A praktikos

This is my first “sentence,” modeled after the aphorisms of the Desert Fathers, which their followers collected in manuals of instruction. It is a “praktikos” — that is, it is intended to assist someone in her preparation for a life of prayer. The best and most approachable book I have found on the subject is The Book of Mystical Chapters by John Anthony McGuckin.

If I really want to see,
God will answer my prayer first with torment
Every time I judge another of his servants.
Bothered by my sin that I first saw in others,
I will discover my own blindness
and I will begin to understand mercy.
In this way God will assign me to Humility and Charity,
The doctor and nurse who will remove my sin and restore my sight.

Here are some references, if you’re inclined that way:
Line 2 – Matthew 18:32-25 (torment from not forgiving)
Line 3 – Romans 14:4 (judging another man’s servant)
Line 5 – John 9:39-41 (sight through blindness)
Line 6 – Micah 6:8 (the command to love mercy)