I hate politics for the lies, but I like it for the distortion.  Distortion gets a truth across faster than truth.  Well, it can if the viewer or listener recognizes the extent to which the communication is a distortion.  Otherwise, the distortion works like a lie, but would that be the politician’s fault?  We are a nation of sheep – is that the wolves’ fault?


I’ve always been given to hyperbole – well, maybe not “always” – and people pick me apart over it.  Must every statement be so measured?  People who cook every night pinch and eyeball it, and people who speak to each other every day use hyperbole. You know what I mean.  Save the measuring spoons and cups for special occasions.

Slander is a lie, but some slanderers bioengineer kernels of truth.  This slander is effective and reprehensible because most viewers and listeners, even if they were presented with the facts, can’t reverse-engineer the slander.  As a society, we are constantly redefining when reverse-engineering is possible (distortion) and when it’s not (slander).


If distortions contradict each other, then the person distorted is a deep file and may be destined for greatness.