And suddenly

You asked for a poem and suddenly

my mind is empty


I’ve been trying to do for years–

I ought to at least

thank you for that.

(Yes, I see the tall rocks pushing up from the ground

against the backdrop of snow

and spring, buried beneath the cold foot of winter.

Yes, I remember the same hills in early summer,

nodding in wild flowers

swelling with colourful suggestion.

Alongside these images

crowding in

are all the walks

we have not taken,

all the conversations left on the wind

all the secrets embedded in the pale skin of the wakeful moon.

I am distracted.)

Summer will come, my pen,

Fall will surely sweep away the ideas of

This, Not This.

Winter will come over a curved hill

and nestle in

against the warm breast of October,

against the murmuring voices

of change

and I, who have been silent

will be drowning you in words,

building dreamscapes–

open places for your

images to appear.

© 2005 lekshe. Used by permission.

By Lekshe

Lekshe is a poet and "a nomad at heart, most at home in the mountains, willingly tethered to the city for the present." I think she gave up blogging for silence. But you can see her old posts at Walking with Celebi.