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  • The French on French and Other LanguagesWas this French friendliness a sign of the French language’s frailty? Were the French so desperate about maintaining their language’s future that they would fawn over any attempt by a member of the English-speaking world to speak their language? Years later, when my wife and I hosted a French teenager for a week in our Virginia home, the case was altered: he never attempted to speak French with us, and we were critical, at least inwardly, of his intermediate-level English. My wife and I were certainly not as encouraging with our guest as I remembered everyone in France as being with me.
  • InductionI started class yesterday as I often do: I turned [...]
  • On tyranny and pamphleteeringWhen Charles I became increasingly autocratic, John Milton, the poet, became a pamphleteer. Timothy Snyder, the author and Yale history professor, just became one, too: he published On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century. The New Yorker, at least, calls On Tyranny a pamphlet (Gopnik). It’s 128 pages, but the book’s dimensions are so small that I read it in an hour.
  • My reads in 2016Books I read this past year, listed in chronological order: [...]


  • Beth SilverHi Peter, Thank you for this thoughtful and beauti
  • PeterBeth, the closest I've gotten to New France was a
  • BethC'est vrai a Quebec aussi, Pierre. I loved readin