I’ve always thought my blog would be more interesting if I could be as free to write what I think in it as I am in my journals, letters, and elsewhere. I’ve tried to offset the constraint my necessary privacy causes by developing a certain alacrity and dispatch in my blog writing. In the past, I’ve tried to trick myself a few ways, such as starting a blog sidebar called “Marginal” to approximate the quick and dirty marginalia I write in books. It led neither to the ease nor to the frequency of writing that I had hoped, but it did give me a good way to less self-consciously build on thoughts examined in earlier posts. So it’s still around.

This weekend, while I was looking at old journals and letters for an unrelated purpose, it occurred to me that, in some cases, the passage of time makes it easier to post things I wouldn’t have posted when I had written them. I guess I feel like, in some sense, I’m not the same person I was, so there’s less to be private about. So, in my newest effort to balance privacy with better writing, I’m going to post over the next while a few old journal entries and letters with the new blog posts.