Sometimes, hiking up a spring mountain, I slow through a cold presence, a ghost disassociated from any wind, the busy loam above me warm with ants.  It’s not old winter’s residuum, either.

This cold has eyes, not menacing or even intent ones, but the limpid eyes of the cold dead, the kind of eyes that feel every nape’s tooth marks.  This cold moves as slowly as black water, silently as the far side of fish: unpied, canopied – the crosshatch of hawks.

My cold is a watcher and a gift, the grave’s tossed coin, the dispossession of stone.

Nic Sebastian made a lovely audio performance of “Hollow” on Whale Sound.  Dave Bonta created an exquisite video based on the poem and Nic’s reading of it, and he published the video on Moving Poems. The image below is from the video.

Above photo is from Moving Poems (Dave Bonta) / CC BY-SA 3.0 . Feature image is derived from “Glass Pond,” a photograph by Randen Pederson. Used by permission.